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Advancing Towards a School for New Global Dynamics

At the beginning of February, the DFG selection committee of the Excellence Strategy decided not to consider into their plans the further development of our project exploring new global dynamics. Nevertheless, following on from our original intentions, as emphasized from the very outset of the project, we remain committed to our research profile and goals. The extensive preliminary work and networking are still of great value, and the societal relevance of the topic has not diminished. We are determined to develop joint research programs, establish the necessary interdisciplinary training, and acquire the indispensable funding to achieve the goals formulated in our research program. The connection between regional transformation and transregional interdependencies, eliciting responses from a diverse range of actors to the ever more closely interlinked global dynamics, certainly remains a fruitful and socially significant subject matter. We firmly believe that our research project and its focus on new global dynamics will serve as an invitation for scholars from various disciplines to engage in collaborative work that is both innovative and rewarding. The School for New Global Dynamics, we seek to establish during the year 2024, will serve as a framework for such efforts.

Matthias Middell

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